• Welcome to FeverBee,
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              Most brand communities only achieve a fraction of their potential.

              We can change that.

              Over the past decade, we’ve helped 270+ brands develop community strategies, train their team, and design world-class community experiences.

              Some of our clients include:

              We help great brands use powerful psychology to better engage their members and get visible results from their community.

              Build a sense of community
              Make your community addictive


              Learn to develop a strategy, establish value, and nurture superusers in your online community

              A community should support everything a brand does, from increasing loyalty to customer support, from product feedback to sales


              We can train you and your team to get your community started, increase activity, and drive valuable results. Over 1100 community professionals have joined theFeverBee Community Management Academy.


              We believe in proving what we do. You can join our community of 1500+ community management professionals and get quick answers to your toughest community challenges.

              Think you might need some help?

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